Tesselaar Plants Introduces Sweet Spot®, the Decorator Rose®

September 9, 2013

Bright colors and contrasting centers offer fun and fashion in the garden.

Tesselaar Plants today announced the introduction of a brand new line of “decorator roses” – the Sweet Spot® series.  Designed to offer a kaleidoscope of colors throughout their bloom life, Sweet Spot roses create a distinct statement in any garden or patio.


The compact shrub roses come in four bloom colors, each punctuated in the center by a deep, saturated hue: Calypso (pinkish red and yellow with red/pink center), Peach (soft peach with red/pink center), Ruby (ruby pink with red/pink center) and Yellow (golden yellow with orange/red center).

Sweet Spot Decorator Rose

Sweet Spot Yellow blossoms change colors as they mature – from bright yellow to a pale, soft yellow.


The Sweet Spot line will be available in limited numbers in 2014 with further distribution in subsequent years. New and exciting color selections will be added to the palette.


“We call them ‘decorator roses’ because of their bold, bright mix of colors – seen everywhere in fashion right now,” says Anthony Tesselaar, cofounder and president of Tesselaar Plants. “They are so unique, so distinct – you can use them to, in fact, decorate your garden, patio and containers.”

Sweet Spot rose

Sweet Spot™ Decorator Rose Calypso makes a colorful and stylish patio plant


The product of over 20 years of breeding at Interplant Roses in the Netherlands, Sweet Spot roses were carefully bred to capture a distinct flower appearance with a multitude of contrasting color combinations that continuously change as the flowers age. Topping out between 16 and 24 inches high and 16 to 20 inches wide (depending on the color), each plant is a prolific bloomer with flowers forming continuously during the flowering season (spring to fall).  In addition, the color variations within each bloom add the perfect touch of vibrant color in any garden, patio or container.


“The variable colors perfectly contrast and complement glazed or colored containers,” says Tesselaar. “And the plant offers blankets of repeat, nonstop blooms that lend season-long color in mass plantings or anywhere else you use them.”


Sweet Spot Decorator rose

Sweet Spot Peach is lovely with its deep center.

Hardy to Zone 5, Sweet Spot® has been tested over many years for overall plant strength, hardiness and its ability to offer continued lush bloom cycles.  The plant gets its name “Sweet Spot” from the beautiful saturated hue in the center of the blossom and the fact that its compact habit is suitable for “just that right spot” in gardens and patios.


The new line is being introduced just in time to capitalize on the growing trend of homeowners creating larger outdoor living spaces and is perfect for homeowners who may be new to gardening but want to decorate their outdoor living spaces with splashes of vibrant color.


“We like to think of all four Sweet Spot colors similar to an artists’ palette or interior designer’s color swatch book but now for gardeners,”  says Tesselaar. “All four colors can certainly be used in the same space, since they were chosen to complement one another to make a stylish statement in the garden.”

Sweet Spot Decorator Rose

Sweet Spot Ruby

Sweet Spot Rose images on Flickr

Sweet Spot Plant Profiles


About Tesselaar

Tesselaar Plants searches the world and introduces new plants for the home garden, landscape, home décor and gift markets. Tesselaar undertakes extensive research and development of its varieties and, once they’re selected for introduction, provides marketing and promotional support through its grower and retail network. The Tesselaar philosophy is to introduce exceptional plants while “making gardening easy” for everyone, so it makes its products as widely available as possible. Tesselaar believes the more gardeners there are, the better it is for everyone.


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