Flower Carpet rose

Today’s roses aren’t your grandma’s roses — and that’s a good thing! New rose varieties such as Flower Carpet® are the leaders when it comes to disease-resistance, easy care, and prolific long bloomers unlike the fussy, pest-prone rose types of the past.

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Daphne perfume princess

Garden Fixes

September 3, 2015

There’s one job in the garden that is – in a way – the most important of all. It’s a job that’s not critical in the short term, but it is in the longer term if you dream about how you would like your garden to look in the future.

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Roses are the queens of the garden. No other flower is as universally prized, and no other flower is as celebrated as the rose. A rose bush in full bloom is the star of the landscape.   But roses can be fussy.

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Flower Carpet Appleblossom rose

Putting Roses in the Mix

July 21, 2014

The plantings at Wisley prove that roses should be planted in with all the other plants.

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