Sweet Spot® Yellow Decorator Rose™

Sweet Spot Decorator RoseDesigned to offer a kaleidoscope of colors throughout their bloom life, Sweet Spot roses create a distinct statement in any garden or patio. The product of over 20 years of breeding at Interplant Roses in the Netherlands, Sweet Spot roses were carefully bred to capture a distinct flower appearance with a multitude of contrasting color combinations that continuously change as the flowers age.


Key Features

  • Long-blooming
  • Golden Yellow  blooms fading to soft yellow, with a red/orange spot in the center
  • Non-stop blooms spring to fall


Botanical name/cultivar:

Rosa L. hybrid var. ‘IntRos04′


Growth habit:

Compact spreading


Plant size:

16” H x 16” W


Flowering period:

Long (mid-spring to late summer/early fall)






Dark shiny green leaves with light green shoots


Bud color:

Red and Yellow


Flower color:

Golden yellow, with a red/orange spot in the center



Hardy to Zone 5



As with most roses, a little extra care is required for best results.   Using a rose-care spray on a regular basis ensures maximum flowering, growth and enjoyment and minimizes the risk of traditional rose problems.



Cross between 2 Rosa L. hybrid seedlings (seed parent Strabo Babylon and pollen parent Eridu Babylon), at Interplant Roses