Sweet Spot® Ruby Decorator Rose

Sweet Spot Decorator RoseDesigned to offer a kaleidoscope of colors throughout their bloom life, Sweet Spot roses create a distinct statement in any garden or patio. The product of over 20 years of breeding at Interplant Roses in the Netherlands, Sweet Spot roses were carefully bred to capture a distinct flower appearance with a multitude of contrasting color combinations that continuously change as the flowers age.


Key Features

  • Long-blooming
  • Bright pink blossoms with Ruby center
  • Non-stop blooms spring to fall


Botanical name/cultivar:

Rosa L. hybrid var. ‘IntRos03’


Growth habit:

Compact spreading


Plant size:

2o” H x 20” W


Flowering period:

Long (mid-spring to late summer/early fall)






Medium green leaves


Bud color:



Flower color:

Ruby pink, with a red/pink spot in the center



Hardy to Zone 5



As with most roses, a little extra care is required for best results.   Using a rose-care spray on a regular basis ensures maximum flowering, growth and enjoyment and minimizes the risk of traditional rose problems.



Cross between Rosa L. hybrid seedlings (unnamed seed parent and pollen parent Eridu Babylon), at Interplant Roses