Snow Storm™

Lily of the Nile Snow Storm™, a patented Agapanthus from Anthony Tesselaar International introduced in spring 2003, gives people more, lots more, of what they love agapanthus for. It consistently produces more stems and flowers and blooms longer than most other Agapanthus.


Snow Storm™ Lily of the Nile flowers on average 70 days per season (up to two to three weeks longer than other varieties). It is extremely floriferous, producing an abundance of tall scapes or stems topped by brilliant white flowers. When mature, this vigorous plant bears up to 100 stems topped with white umbels (flower-spheres) per plant per season – all bursting forth together to create masses of long-lasting white blooms.


Snow Storm™ Lily of the Nile grows to a compact 30 inches (2 ½ feet), a preferred height for landscapes and container plantings. Most other agapanthus are either much taller or shorter. Snow Storm’s name is derived from the “flurries” of white florets that ride in umbels atop sturdy stems. On a mature plant, each umbel is comprised of up to 100 tubular white florets.


Lily of the Nile, also known by the botanical name Agapanthus, is increasingly popular with American gardeners and landscapers for its easy-care nature, crisp exotic look, and long-lasting flowers. With its lush tufts of dense strappy leaves, the plant adds flair even when not in bloom.



Suggested Uses

Commercial landscapes, perennial beds and borders, container plantings.


Growth Habit

Free-standing basal cluster with strap-like leaves. Large, thick, fleshy roots approximately ¼ inch in diameter. Upright, medium size with normal to slow growth rate for genus. Full height is achieved in 18 months.


Growth Pattern

Cluster diameter to 20 inches.


Flower Size

4 inches in diameter, 40 to 50 florets per umbel. The green bud is lance-shaped up to 2 inches in length by ½ inch wide. The green bud is lance-shaped up to 2 inches in length by ½ inch wide. There are six petals per floret, 1 ½ x 3/8 inch.


Mature Height

Grows to 30 inches high (including flower).


Mature Width

20 inches wide.



Space 2 feet apart for garden border.



USDA zones 8 to 11. For winter protection tips, please go to the FAQs for the Storm series agapanthus.


Flowering Period

Flowers abundantly in late Spring to mid Summer (8-9 weeks) with spot flowering through late Summer and Fall – approximately 70 days in all.


Number Of Flowers

Approximately 25 flower umbels on a 3 year old plant, 50 umbels on a 4 year old plant and up to 100 on a 5 year old plant.


Flower Color

Umbellate of white flowers.



No fragrance.



Dense leaves are arranged in a tuft or cluster. Each leaf is narrow and strap-like, measuring on average 14 ½ inches long by ¾ inches wide.



Remove dead flower stems after flowering.


Light Needs

Grows in most light conditions. Flowers best in full sun but will flower in reduced numbers in partial shade.


Soil Needs

Snow Storm™ will tolerate a range of soils from sand to clay.


Water Needs

Water well to establish. But once established in the landscape, agapanthus are tolerant of both wet and dry conditions and have proved to be an ideal landscape plant for drier warm areas.



Promote initial growth by providing high nitrogen fertilizer, but once established use a flowering plant formula high in potassium to encourage flowering.


Disease Tolerance

Agapanthus are not prone to disease in the landscape.


Pest Issues

No major pests. Snails and slugs may cause slight damage.


Special Care

Easy care plant. Better performance will be attained if plants are watered and fed regularly, but once established Snow Storm™ will flower readily with minimal care. In colder zones, either winter protect, dig and store, or store potted plants “as is” in a frost-free location.


Special Notes

Good plant for dry areas. The thick, moisture-retentive foliage of agapanthus makes the plants effective in fire-retardant borders.




Open pollination of Agapanthus praecox orientalis var. albus.