Pot + Rose = Happy Summer Days

June 24, 2014

The next time you find yourself at the garden center looking to treat yourself, scan the displays for the pink pots. This is where you’ll find something that’s not only lovely, but also bullet proof. These pots hold Flower Carpet Roses, a guilt free addition to any garden. At this time of year you’ll find they’ve got a nice, dense green bushiness about them, with the promise of many buds – some may even be in flower.  The trickiest part is trying to decide what color to choose – there are nine to pick from including white and the pink and white lipstick-striped Pink Splash.


container gardening

Big statement containers need plants that can hold their own, something this Flower Carpet Yellow does effortlessly.

This is a great rose to take home and plant into a gap in the garden, but they’re also fun to use in oversized feature pots. A few tips to consider if you do decide to create a living flower arrangement in a container: 1. Make sure the pot is very large as Flower Carpet Roses grow quickly into large luscious bushes; 2. Add in some annuals – alyssum, nasturtium, California poppy, petunia . . . whatever – to bulk things out during this first growing season; and 3. Just throw a bit of slow release fertilizer into the pot and stand back. This is a rose no one regrets having.


Flower Carpet in containers

The best advice is to take a Flower Carpet Rose home to your garden. What transport you use is up to you.

Eco rose

Flower Carpet Pink, the classic original.




















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