Plant Portfolios

Alstroemeria Rock and Roll® InfoAlstroemeria Rock and Roll®
Introducing a new alstroemeria with both fantastic blooms and amazing bi-colored foliage! This mid-size alstroemeria grows quickly and the mature plants cover themselves with masses of deep red flowers.  But perhaps Rock & Roll’s best feature is its foliage which is a glorious variegated mix of green and yellow, topped off with splashes of pure white as the yellow foliage matures. Plus, this attractive foliage doesn’t burn in full sun, so it’s a great addition to any garden, especially those in warmer climates.

Sweet Spot™ RosesSweet Spot Decorator Rose
Tesselaar Plants today announced the introduction of a brand new line of “decorator roses” – the Sweet Spot™ series.  Designed to offer a kaleidoscope of colors throughout their bloom life, Sweet Spot roses create a distinct statement in any garden or patio. The product of over 20 years of breeding at Interplant Roses in the Netherlands, Sweet Spot roses were carefully bred to capture a distinct flower appearance with a multitude of contrasting color combinations that continuously change as the flowers age.

Flower Carpet® rose

Winner of over 25 GOLD and INTERNATIONAL rose awards.

Many times referred to as the “Wonder Rose”, Flower Carpet ground cover roses, or Carpet Roses, are some of the most popular roses available in the world today. This is because of their long flowering period, easy care and exceptional disease resistance and great drought tolerance.


Bonfire® begonia

Bonfire® begonia has an eye-catching profusion of exotic brightly colored flowers covering up to half of the plant. Bonfire also has a neat, spreading, bushy growth habit. Quickly coming into bloom in late spring, it continues to shower you with masses of blooms from spring all summer long, right up until late fall.  Available in 2 colors


Burgundy Spire™ Cordyline 

One of the most stunning of all cordylines, Burgundy Spire™ stays ‘fully dressed’ to the bottom of its trunk – that is, unlike many cordylines, the bottom leaves stay on the plant.  Tall and majestic like no other.


Fairy Magnolia®(michelia hybrid)

Now it’s easier than ever to add an enchanting touch to your garden. Introducing the Fairy Magnolias®, Michelia hybrids bred by renowned New Zealand breeder Mark Jury.


Festival™ cordyline

Color, form and habit all go to ensure that this plant is one of the most asked for new plants available.  Striking strap-like cascading foliage leaves help make it stand out in any garden, patio and container.


Gift Hydrangeas

Bringing a touch of summer to early spring, these beautiful lace-cap hydrangeas have been bred specially for indoor flowering.  Available as Strawberries and Cream™ and Blueberries and Cream™, these gift or “florist” hydrangeas are compact in habit; it’s a lovely, long-flowering plant that should be left inside while it flowers.


Jury magnolias

This selection of some of the most spectacular deciduous Magnolias available include Black Tulip™ and Felix®.   Bred by the renowned plant breeder Mark Jury in New Zealand, the size, shape and uniformity of color make these Magnolias unrivalled.


Coprosma 150X150 ThumbnailPacific Coprosmas

These striking coprosmas are real show stoppers once established, both in the garden or landscapes.  Pacific coprosmas provide year-round lush, glossy and colorful foliage.  Growing ultimately to around 3 feet in height, they have an upright and mounding habit.   They make a perfect hedging plant and can be trimmed edged and shaped like any buxus hedge, but provide far more interest than most hedges.


Storm™ agapanthus

Developed in Australia, Snow Storm™,  Blue Storm™ and Thunder Storm™ agapanthus were selected for their prolific flowering characteristics – up to 50 blooms on a 3-year-old plant.


Tropicanna® canna

Fabulous exotic foliage would have to make this group of cannas the most striking ever introduced. Providing attractive foliage and brilliant blooms, Tropicanna, Tropicanna Gold and Tropicanna Black cannas make stunning backdrops to garden beds and borders and serve as the perfect “thriller” in containers.


Volcano® phlox

Volcano® Phlox are sturdy, exceptionally floriferous, and are very tolerant of powdery mildew which often plagues most other Phlox paniculata. Now available 8 colors.


Daphne Perfume Princess™ Daphne Perfume Princess_0821 copy

This is not just any ordinary daphne! Daphne Perfume Princess™ offers a progression of large blooms along the stem making it a perfect choice to bring cuttings indoors and enjoy the alluringly sweet perfume. It is an excellent performer with upright and slightly spreading attractive evergreen foliage.


Tuxedo® Hydrangeas Hydrangea macrophylla Teller Dark Angel Red ®

Tuxedo® hydrangeas are a stunning range of mophead Hydrangeas, with deep-purple flushed foliage. Compact in habit, they are a perfect long flowering plant happy to be left inside while they flower, or planted outside in a pot or the garden for season long blooms.  Available in 3 colors:  Blush, Red and Pink.