Pacific Sunset Coprosma

Coprosma Pacific Sunset_SilvanLRCoprosma Pacific Sunset™ is a striking evergreen plant growing to 3ft high with a glossy wave shaped leaf consisting of a vivid red center set against a burgundy/chocolate brown margin. Stunning for pots or the garden and works well in mass plantings.  Colors intensify with cooler weather in the spring and fall, adding color to the landscape at a time when it’s less plentiful.


Key Features

  • Vivid red center set against burgundy/ chocolate brown margins
  • Lush glossy foliage
  • Upright mounding habit
  • Color intensifies as temperatures get cooler
  • So easy to grow


Cold tolerance: down to 23°F (USDA Zone 9)

Suggested Uses: Spectacular in pots or garden.  Can be used as a low hedging plant

Growth Habit:  Mounded / Upright growth habit

Mature size: 3ft high and wide

Spacing:  1.5ft apart

Pruning / pinching:  Light pruning as required to shape

Light Requirements:  Full sun to partial shade

Soil Requirements:  Well drained,  will also tolerate coastal conditions

Water Requirements: low to moderate water required

Fertilizer: Handful of slow release fertilizer before spring

Botanical name:  Coprosma repens