Much Ado about New Magnolias

June 4, 2018

In a recent article in American Bee Journal, The Plant Lover’s Guide to Maganolias author Andrew Bunting reports:  “Advances in magnolia selection and breeding are giving gardeners options such as enhanced shades of near-red flowers, improved hardiness and more diverse evergreen selections.”

Magnolia Black Tulip

Magnolia Black Tulip

He goes on to say “A number of promising red-flowered selections have been produced by New Zealand-based breeders, including Jark Jury’s introduction Black Tulip™, a hybrid between ‘Vulcan’ and ‘Iolanthe’ that boasts large, open-faced wine-red flowers.  I’ve seen thsi early flowering magnolia blooming in March in Raleigh NC.”


Bunting goes on to talk about Fairy™ Magnolias.  “Mark Jury has added several new introductions to the Fairy Magnolia series including Fairy Blush™ and Fairy White™.  These dense, shrubby cultivars—which reach nine to 12 feet tall and slightly less in diameter over seven years—are becoming popular in New Zealand, Australia, California and the southeastern US.  The cream colored, sweetly fragrant flwoers open from striking brown velvety buds that are borne along the stem, producing a more significant floral show.  The primary bloom time is early to mid-spring but these selections also rebloom sporadically in summer and autumn.

Fairy® 'Cream' magnolia

Fairy Magnolia ‘Cream’

Magnolia Baby Grand™ was also included  in the article, as part of the new compact selections of southern magnolias released in recent years.


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