Introducing New Alstromeria Rock & Roll®

May 14, 2014

At last a new alstroemeria introduction that’s worth looking at!

Stunningly different and so lovely. And it’s being released by Anthony Tesselaar Plants, which means it has already graduated as a tried-and-tested performer. No-one will be disappointed by this truly great new alstroemeria, which will be available to warm-climate gardeners in limited quantities this summer, with greater distribution in 2015.

There’s a lot to love about Rock & Roll®. For alstroemeria fans it grows into a midsize bushy clump. (No legginess here.) It grows fast, and the mature plants cover themselves – almost greedily – in masses of deep red flowers. And this flowering is long lasting, beginning in spring and winding up in autumn, with some spot flowers at other times of the year in warmer climates.

But perhaps Rock & Roll’s best feature is its foliage which is a glorious variegated mix of green and yellow, topped off with splashes of pure white as the yellow foliage matures.  Plus, this attractive foliage doesn’t burn in full sun, so it’s a great addition to any garden.

Rock and Roll _containerLike all Anthony Tesselaar plants, Rock & Roll is easy to grow. It looks pretty fabulous as a specimen in a pot, but it’s guaranteed to have people oohing and ahhing when used in a massed planting. Plant this new alstroemeria as a brilliant,  bullet-proof way to generate arm-fulls of eye-catching cut flowers to decorate even the dullest of interior settings.


Here’s what we’re already hearing about NEW Rock & Roll  – all music to our ears . . .

“The foliage is spectacular and Hoover Boo is using it in her California garden as a substitute for hostas which don’t like the summer heat in her area.  Serious crush on the foliage but the blooms are pretty wonderful too! For those of you with refined taste who are fond of understated pastel flowers, please avert your eyes lest you be offended by the brashness of this foliage/flower combination.”  – The Outlaw Gardener blog

A mind-numbing, eye-hemorrhaging, variegated alstroemeria has been unleashed at Southern California nurseries this spring. I reached for the camera phone when I saw big displays at two nurseries over the weekend.
Alstroemeria ‘Rock & Roll.’ The tag predicts that it will
be “Sure to attract attention.” Ya think? – A Growing Obsession blog


For further  information, click hereRock and Roll Thumbnail for the Rock & Roll Plant Portfolio page

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