How to Have Fresh Flowers, EVERYDAY!

May 28, 2014

Have you seen how much fresh flowers cost these days? A lot. Which is why the bunch we may have treated ourselves to weekly – a reward for household duties done – is now a serious financial commitment. It’s a case of, if it isn’t your birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or there aren’t friends coming for dinner, then there aren’t cut flowers in the house.


cut flower bouquet

How sweet is this posy of Flower Carpet roses? All it took was a trip to the garden center, a bit of sunshine, water, and voila!

We need to be canny and creative to fill the void, as every home needs flowers. Some people leap immediately to the dark side and embrace fake flowers, which is fine if it works for them, but really, are these a substitute for the real thing if you have to dust them? No. You can trawl through farmers’ markets and even the supermarket hoping to score something that’s been marked down, but this takes a bit of effort and – like all fresh goods – you get what you pay for. A cut price bunch of roses may look OK by candlelight on the night of the dinner party, but they’ll be well on the way to potpourri a day later.


Here’s the best solution: grow your own fresh flowers. Now before you roll your eyes convinced this is equivalent to suggesting you carry out your own dental work, stop for a minute and think about it. Our parents did it all the time (well many of them anyway), picking a bunch to take with them to give to friends and family. All they needed was a sunny patch of soil and some tough rose bushes, a lavender or two, some Baby’s Breath, zinnias or cosmos and they were on their way.


And it’s the same now. Plant any of these in your garden – or in a large planter – and give them the water they need, and you will have many, many flowers to look at through the window and to cut and bring inside. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never grown anything in your life, it’s really easy, especially the roses. And that’s because we have an advantage over our parents in that there are now some modern, super tough, ultra easy rose varieties to choose from (check out the Flower Carpet rose).


That’s it. Vases full to bursting for the cost of the baby plants and a little water. The sunshine is free to all.

cut-flower bouquet

Red roses are a classic but they are also a luxury… unless you grow your own, which is super easy.


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