Festival™ Raspberry

Festival™ Raspberry is a compact, clump forming cordyline that cascades into a round ball shape. Cordyline Festival


With its strappy burgundy foliage with a bright raspberry edge, it is ideal to plant either in a pot or as a dramatic color highlight with other plants in gardens and landscapes. Grows in full morning sun and is also a great shade plant.


This easy care plant grows quickly, forming large clumps of stunning foliage. It’s  ideal when planted out on banks, borders or municipal plantings. These low-maintenance plants will perform and provide a stunning show.


Key Features of Festival Raspberry

  • Stunning glossy variegated raspberry and burgundy-pink foliage
  • Great feature plant
  • Low maintenance and easy care
  • Compact, no stems, grows from base
  • For gardens and landscapes plus larger patio pots
  • Grows well in most soil types
  • Can be overwintered indoors as a well-behaved house plant


Suggested Uses

Landscaping, Commercial or Home garden


Growth Habit

Clump forming dwarf habit.


Flower Size

Small,blush pink star-shaped flowers that have a jasmine-like fragrance appear in late spring and early summer.


Mature Height

Grows to 3 feet tall, but cascading habit reduces overall height.


Mature Width

Spreading foliage to 3 feet wide, with a basal clump of 18 inches.



Plant 24 inches apart.



Will survive moderate frost and is hardy in zones 8 – 11. Can be overwintered indoors as a house plant, tolerating dry heat without any difficulty.



Glossy variegated burgundy and raspberry pink, long strappy leaves.



Remove old leaves as required.



From light frost to 90° F .


Light Needs

Full sun or partial shade.


Soil Needs

Tolerates a range of soils, though will perform best in a well drained soil containing organic matter.


Water Needs

Low to moderate water requirement once established. Water thoroughly when planting during hot weather and continue until established.



Add controlled release fertilizer in Spring.


Disease Tolerance

No major disease susceptibility.


Pest Issues

No major pest susceptibility.


Special Care

Protect from severe frosts.



Cordyline australis x Cordyline pumilio x Cordyline banksii hybrid.


Varietal/Cultivar Name