Festival™ Lime Cordyline

Festival™ Lime cordyline combines the rugged easy-care attributes of its cordyline cousins with an unusual mix of shiny color, compact bushy form, short stems and cascading grass-like leaves. In late Spring and Summer, Festival™ Lime cordyline also features small, star-shaped blush pink flowers.

Festival Lime CU_2852LRThis easy care plant grows quickly, forming large clumps of stunning foliage. It’s  ideal when planted out on banks, borders or municipal plantings. These low-maintenance plants will perform and provide a stunning show.





Key Features of Festival Lime

  • Glossy cascading lime green foliage adds interesting architecture to the garden
  • Great feature plant
  • Low maintenance and easy care
  • Compact, no stems, grows from base to 3 feet in height
  • For gardens and landscapes plus larger patio pots
  • Grows well in most soil types

Suggested Uses:

Landscaping, Commercial or Home garden


Growth Habit:

Clump forming dwarf habit.


Flower Size:

Small, blush pink star-shaped flowers that have a jasmine-like fragrance appear in late spring and early summer.


Flowering Period:

Late Spring & Summer.


Mature Height:

Grows to 3 feet tall, but cascading habit reduces overall height.


Mature Width:

Spreading foliage to 3 feet wide, with a basal clump of 18 inches.



Plant 24 inches apart.



Will survive moderate frost and is hardy in zones 8 – 11. Tolerates dry heat and can be overwintered indoors as a well-behaved houseplant.



Glossy lime green, long strappy leaves.



Remove old leaves as required.



From  light frost to 90°F


Light Needs

Full sun or partial shade.


Soil Needs:

Tolerates a range of soils, though will perform best in a well drained soil containing organic matter.


Water Needs:

Low to moderate water requirement once established. Water thoroughly when planting during hot weather and continue until established.



Add controlled release fertilizer in Spring.


Disease Tolerance:

No major disease susceptibility.


Pest Issues:

No major pest susceptibility.


Special Care:

Protect from severe frosts, however can take temperatures down to 10 deg F where it will burn off all the foliage, but so long as the soil is not continually frozen, will come back with new foliage in the spring.



Cordyline australis x Cordyline pumilio x Cordyline banksii hybrid.


Varietal/Cultivar Name: