Drought-Tolerant Flower Carpet is a Favorite with Garden Writers

November 24, 2017

Gardening writer, Joshua Siskin, admits that he rarely writes about roses, but adds that maybe he should do so more often, especially when it is about the hardy and floriferous Flower Carpet roses.  He writes that, Due to our obsession with water conservation, roses have become outcasts in many of our gardens. And it’s a pity, really, since we give up so much when we remove roses from our gardening lives.


He goes on to insist that it doesn’t have to be this way. Roses, such as the popular Flower Carpet range, don’t require a lot of water anyway, and yet still continue to thrive and look beautiful.  The Flower Carpet roses, grown as ground cover, bloom virtually nonstop. Flower Carpet roses are most often seen in scarlet red, but pink, coral, appleblossom, yellow, amber and white varieties are also available.”


Flower Carpet Coral_0936In one of his LA Daily News articles “Survey Neighborhood to See What Will Thrive in Your Yard”, when asked for plant suggestions for a slope in Santa Clarita CA he responded:  Other possibilities for slope planting in your (drought) area include Flower Carpet roses, trailing rosemary, Myoporum parvufolium and dwarf coyote bush.


And finally, in his dailybreeze.com article “If that plant’s a dud, replace it” he had this to say about a Flower Carpet planting on Van Nuys Blvd (CA): After a few years, the flax and blue fescue were removed and replaced with dwarf heavenly bamboo (Nandina domestica ‘Compacta’), red ‘Flower Carpet’ roses and variegated winter creeper (Euonymous fortune ‘Emerald ‘n Gold). This second planting is far more successful than the first, even though none of the plants appear on anyone’s list of drought-tolerant species. Yet nearly all woody shrubs and roses, including these, when irrigated with bronze Netafim drip tubing, do not require copious amounts of water to thrive. Such relatively water-thrifty shrubs routinely outlive highly vaunted species from drought-tolerant plant lists.



FC Pink AU drought1 copyMaureen Gilmore in Nevada City, CA listed Flower Carpet as 1 of the top heat-resistant shrubs for driveways in Tips for Landscaping a Driveway in Landscaping Network’s website.


During her various presentations on creative drought-tolerant gardens Nan Sterman, host of the PBS show “A Growing Passion” , includes Flower Carpet as a colorful drought-tolerant option.


From Connie Pillsbury’s article in San Luis Obispo Telegram Tribune regarding the Heely Garden in Paso Robles:  Throughout the entire landscaped yard, landscape gardener Fred Garcia used plants that he could count on that are drought-tolerant and disease resistant. These include the ‘Flower Carpet Red’ rose, the breath of heaven (coleonema pulchrum, ‘Sunset Gold,) gaura, daylilies, agapanthus, crepe myrtle, sedum, and fescue.

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