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Back By Popular Demand – Tesselaar Offers  Story Content and Quality Images Gleaned From Gardening Experts and World Travels.  Need story ideas and images fast? These  garden tips ‘Story Starters’ include a Garden Challenge Cheat Sheet, suggestions on how to choose the right plants for the right location and more!

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If you’ve never grown a rose simply for fear that you’ll kill it in no time, think again!  The National Garden Bureau has designated 2017 as “The Year of the Rose”. 

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As we move into the dreary months of winter, it’s good to have something to look forward to in the spring.  Each year at the beginning of Fall Fashion Week, the global color authority of the design industry, Pantone Color Institute, unveils their color palette trends and choices for the upcoming spring.

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Overwintering Tenderennials

October 31, 2016

If you are new to gardening, you need to know what a tenderennial is and how to work with it. Many of the best, loveliest plants are tenderennials, which means they can be damaged by the winter cold, even in USDA Zones 7 and warmer.

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It’s hard to resist the urge to get decorating at this time of year. As we head into the dark, cold times, we’re also welcoming family home to share food and warmth. Hence the pumpkins, the wreaths, the candles, and the spooky stuff. If you’re looking for inspiration,

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Flower Carpet Pink Splash

Garden Bargains

September 9, 2016

Hunting for bargain garden plants is easy if you use these 5 simple hints.

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That’s right. Just when you thought the best gardening days were nearly over, that you may as well oil your garden tools and put them away till next year – well you’re wrong. There are plenty of lovely, glorious, fun-filled gardening hours still to be enjoyed.

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Balmy weather brings everyone out from indoors. It’s as if the cooler months have left us hungry for sunshine, fragrance, dappled shade and summer birdsong.

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Storm agapanthus

Summer Story Starters

May 31, 2016

Edging plants can work miracles – from fixing messy beds and directing garden traffic to serving as as garden railings. Here’s how garden edging plants can work miracles…

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Pacific Sunset Coprosma

Red Plants are Fab!

May 5, 2016

As a color, red has a serious fan club. Red shoes (to die for), red cars (go faster), red lipstick (no comment) and red roses. Which brings us to red in the garden.

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