Burgundy Spire™ Cordyline

The most stunning of all cordylines, Burgundy Spire™ stays ‘fully dressed’ to the bottom of its trunk – that is, the bottom leaves, stay on the plant.Tall and majestic like no other.

Sometimes referred to as cabbage trees, Cordylines are small trees or palm-like evergreen shrubs, indigenous to Australia, New Zealand and the western Pacific region. Burgundy Spire™ is an upright tree growing to 9 feet with deep burgundy long, narrow leaves.


Key Features

  • Tall and majestic like no other
  • Brilliant patio pot plant
  • Stunning in the garden
  • Glossy deep burgundy leaves
  • Height 9 feet
  • Low maintenance
  • No major pests or diseases


Growth Habit

Upright architectural plant to 9 feet.


Flower Size

Panicle 20 inches long.


Mature Height

9 feet.


Mature Width

3 feet.



Plant 6 feet apart.



Cold hardy in most areas.


Flowering Period

Late Spring.





Light Needs

Full sun. Best foliage color can be achieved either in full sun or partial shade.


Soil Needs

Adaptable to a wide range of soils from extreme dry to wet. Generally prefers acidic soils with a pH range of 6.0-6.5.


Water Needs

Will respond to moisture during prolonged dry spells. However, an established plant can withstand long dry windy conditions.



Balanced controlled release fertilizer.


Disease Tolerance

No diseases observed on plants.


Pest Issues

No major pests or diseases.


Special Care

Best foliage color can be achieved either in full sun or in partial shade. Experience has proven that excessive fertilizer can be detrimental to a soundly developed root structure.


Varietal/Cultivar Name