Black Tulip® magnolia

Bred in New Zealand by leading Magnolia breeders, Felix and Mark Jury, Magnolia Black Tulip® is a stunning new addition to Magnolia collections.

This woody tree is ideal for general plantings and grows well in most climates, tolerating all but the coldest temperatures; it performs best in the sun and enjoys protection from strong winds.

Black Tulip® magnolia produces magnificent, 6 inch black-purple, goblet-shaped flowers almost tulip like, in early Spring.

Black Tulip® magnolia is an upright smaller tree growing to a height of 25 ft, suitable for smaller gardens or featured in larger landscape


Key Features of Black Tulip

  • Superb, goblet-shaped blooms up to 6 inches across
  • Stunning black-purple color
  • Quick to flower – flowers within the first few seasons
  • Smaller-growing tree, compact enough for most gardens
  • Pruning is generally not necessary, except for early training of the plant
  • Grows well in most climates – hard to Zone 5

Suggested Uses General garden / landscape plant.


Growth Habit Deciduous upright tree.


Flower Size Goblet-shaped flowers up to 6 inches across.


Mature Height Up to 25 ft.


Mature Width 10 to 15 feet wide


Hardiness Cold hardy, hardy in USDA Zone 5.


Flowering Period:   Flowers before leaves are produced in early Spring.


Number Of Flowers:   Hundreds of flowers on a mature tree.


Flower Color:   Black-purple colored blooms.


Foliage:   Dark green leaves 6 inches x 4 inches.


Pruning/Pinching:   Pruning is unnecessary, however, crossed or competing branches can be removed while the plant is young to improve its shape


Light Needs:   Full sun.


Water Needs:   Average water requirements for medium to large tree.


Fertilizer:   Apply 1 to 4 handfuls, controlled release fertilizer (20:12:16) in Spring.


Disease Tolerance:   No particular disease problems.


Pest Issues:   No particular pest problems


Varietal/Cultivar Name:  JURmag1


Special Care:   None