Are You Hosting the Wedding?

July 1, 2014

Remember waving your hand in the air, suggesting you’d be thrilled to have the wedding at your place? You may even have begged your daughter, niece or best friend for the privilege. But as night follows day you’ve probably come to your senses and now understand what’s really involved. Yup, the pressure’s on to make it perfect. Perfect. And now you’re looking around and wondering how to convert your home into The Perfect Setting.


But don’t panic (yet … save that for the Big Day). Most of what you need you can buy in or farm out as a responsibility to someone else. The food, the cake, the dress, the photography and videography are easily ticked off the list. It’s the setting you should really be nervous about because it needs to be absolutely beautiful, and stylish, and well… Perfect.


carpet roses

Fill the space with white roses to transform your home into an extraordinary setting for a wedding.

And here’s how you’re going to create just that. You’re going to fill the house, the garden, the drive, everywhere with roses. This is a full-proof fix used by many stylists. If you’ve some time up your sleeve, it can be relatively inexpensive, and the bonus is your home will keep on looking astonishingly lovely long after the last bit of confetti has been vacuumed away.


wedding garden

Volcano White makes a lovely, fragrant addition to a wedding garden

The trick is to pick the right rose, the right color (white), and to plant them as soon as you can so they have as many months to grow into their own as possible. Most weddings are booked a year out and this is the ideal time to get those roses planted. Alongside the roses you may also want to add in Rosemary (for remembrance), white Heliotrope (eternal love) and maybe some White Jasmine (sweet love).  Volcano phlox ‘White’ are also stunning in a mid to late summer garden.


Flower Carpet White is the rose for the gig. It will grow fast, it’s hard to kill, and it smothers itself in flowers for months, which means it will be in bloom on the Big Day. You’ll need to scope out the possibilities for where to position the roses but here are a few ideas to get you going: mass them in the bed running alongside the driveway; set them in paired pots running up the front steps; arrange a row of tulle-wrapped cache-pots down the center of the buffet table; organize some large pots filled to overflowing like a guard of honor in front of the bridal table; and dot rose bushes throughout the garden beds that surround the area where the ceremony is being held. You probably get the idea. An overwhelming statement of white will always shout – it’s a wedding!

White roses

The trick is to fill the garden and the house with masses of white roses – Flower Carpet White grows fast and blooms for months.

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