Alstroemeria Rock and Roll®

There’s a lot to love about Rock & Roll®. For alstroemeria fans it grows into a midsize bushy clump. (No legginess here.) It grows fast, and the mature plants cover themselves – almost greedily – in masses of deep red flowers. And this flowering is long lasting, beginning in spring and winding up in autumn, with some spot flowers at other times of the year in warmer climates.Rock and Roll _container

But perhaps Rock & Roll’s best feature is its foliage which is a glorious variegated mix of green and yellow, topped off with splashes of pure white as the yellow foliage matures.  Plus, this attractive foliage doesn’t burn in full sun, so it’s a great addition to any garden.


Key Features

  • Eye-catching foliage opening yellow, fading to pure white with a deep green edge
  • Masses of dark red flowers borne on contrasting white stems
  • Repeat flowering from spring to late autumn
  • Ideal in containers, as an accent plant in garden beds or in mass plantings
  • Long lasting cut flower
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Compact and clump forming



Compact, bushy and clump forming from underground shoots


Mature Height:

2.5 – 3 feet


Mature Width:

Approximately 2 feet



Masses of stems; each with 6 -12 2” dark red flowers  with deep gold/orange centers


Bloom period:

Blooms from late spring through to early autumn



Variegated green and yellow; the yellow aging to white



Plant 20” apart


Soil Needs:

Performs best in free draining soil with plenty of organic matter incorporated


Water Needs:

Average to moist, not boggy or very dry


Light Needs:

Full sun to part shade



Fertilize in spring and early autumn



Cut to the ground to refresh the foliage and promote new growth and flowers. Pulling new or spent flower stems out from the base actually increases the number of flower stems.


Disease Tolerance:

No specific disease


Pest Issues:

Susceptible to snails and slugs


Botanical Name:

Alstroemeria hybrid






Hardy in USDA 8-10



In 2014 Rock & Roll is available primarily on the West Coast; greater distribution in 2015


Hi-Res Flickr Photo Library:

Alstroemeria Rock and Roll® (Free to download and use.)