About Tesselaar

About Tesselaar

Tesselaar Plants is an International horticulture marketing company that searches the world (more than  15 different countries) to find and introduce new plants for the home garden, landscape, home décor and gift markets. Tesselaar searches for best-of-class plants that are brilliant, environmentally friendly and easy to grow with a minimum of fuss.

The company’s world headquarters and research facility is located in Silvan, Victoria Australia and its U.S. office is in Lawndale, California.  Founded in 1994 by Anthony and Sheryl Tesselaar,  the company undertakes extensive research and development of its varieties and, once they’re selected for introduction, provides marketing and promotional support through its grower and retail network.


Introducing easy care plants isn’t so easy

The Tesselaar philosophy is to introduce exceptional plants while “making gardening easy” for everyone. To do this, the company searches the world for plants that are beautiful, easy-care and disease tolerant.  Each plant that catches Anthony Tesselaar’s eye is tested for flowering ability, disease tolerance, easy care (meaning no fancy maintenance), overall look of the plant, low water requirements and ability to perform well with less chemical pesticides.   Eventually, the list is culled to a chosen few plants worthy for trial. The plants are then put to the test in the trial beds of our partner breeders, and in one or more of the Tesselaar Plants’ trial gardens located around the world. The result is one or two uniquely extraordinary plants that outperform anything else in their class.   This process can take up to five to seven years – from the time a new plant is discovered to when it becomes available.

“The plants selected for trial must be exceptional plants that grow extremely well with an absolute minimum of fuss and care – hence our philosophy of making gardening easy,” says Anthony Tesselaar, cofounder and president of international plant marketer Tesselaar Plants.

The company uses its extensive network of growers – people who share the Tesselaar values of professionalism and quality – to grow the plant locally, getting it ready to be delivered to their local garden and landscape outlets.